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  • robert l tomlin

    my website is I been drawing and painting for 50 years I would like to sell or show my art work thank you

    • marlena

      I am gellery director in Edinburgh,UK.
      If you still looking for place to sale your art, please do not hesitate to contact me for details.

      • Elena

        Hello Marlena,
        what is your gallery www?

      • Seth Camm

        just saw this post and am looking to show my work other then in the United States of America-

  • dawn

    Start concentrating on artist and their paint brushes before we become no more.

    Less promoting photographers, after all paint came before cameras and eye, us mere artist painters made art and pictures become real.

  • gord

    Nick, great site and links…kudos!

    Im an artist, a guerilla oil-and-brush dyed in the wool neoclassical figurative art-a-holic :)

    On a more serious note, by way of introduction, my nascent blog is here -

    Oh, whats the most visceral, organic direct art experience youve had in 2007 ?





  • richard connor

    oh yea, the gallery is Harris-Courtin.

    details, details,

  • Bruno Varatojo


    Best regards

    Bruno Varatojo

  • erik-jan vaandering the dutch artist

  • Sherry

    India Art Summit 2008

    Hey…India’s first art fair is going to be held in August 2008 in New Delhi. Modeled along the lines of international art fairs like Art Basel, FIAC in Paris or the upcoming Art Dubai, this initiative called ‘India Art Summit’ was launched recently. It will be a great forum for artists, buyers, influencers and everyone interested in the arts.
    It has a very impressive panel of supporter as Art Patrons including Anjolie Ela Menon, S.H. Raza, Krishen Khanna, Keshav Malik, Yash Birla, Sangita Jindal, Jyotsna Suri amongst others.
    The two day summit will include an art fair area where 30-40 exhibitors will show their artworks/ service offerings. This will include both international and Indian representation from galleries, art funds, art insurance companies, movers and packers, art dealers etc. The summit will also include an Art Forum – day long paid conference with world renowned art experts discussing key issues pertaining to Indian art today.
    The event is being organized by Hanmer MS&L. Entries for participation are open now.
    Have a look at the website

  • Thomas Perkins

    Check out my website

  • Tineshia t.

    The infamous surrealist artist Duke Lantern a.k.a. “The Black Dali”. Check out the website for his work.

    The Black Dali

  • muhammad afzal

    i want to salle knife shadow box. i hope u like knife shadow box. i am
    wating your reply
    muhammad afzal

    Multan Art Gallery & Frame Maker

    12\A International Plaza
    Multan Cantt Multan
    60000 Pakistan

    cell: +923336103967

  • David Meger

    Nick, thought you might be interested in learning about an Alexandre Iacovleff sanguine that was recently rediscovered after spending the last 60 years in storage and a private collection. The piece, ttl. Le Pecheur, Capri and dated from 1936 was discovered last year during an Illinois Warehousemens’ Lien auction after the owners defaulted on their storage fees and was auctioned off into another private collection. The piece was placed into consignment this year for sale at Cowan’s Auctions in Ohio ( and will sell in October. You should check it out, it’s a pretty amazing piece of work and one of the last he did before his death in 1938.


    can anyone help me about the processes, terms & conditions, of ‘art e-auction’.

    Nick, i hope a lot from u,

    or else suggest me some usefull link.

  • FreddieJ

    Hello Nick,

    I would like to invite you and your readers to our Art community web site, It is a marketplace where art sellers, art buyers, and appraisers can meet. Furthermore, art promoters can post any art show/related events on our Art Events page. Regularly, we feature artists and their works on our ‘Feature Of the Week’ page. Currently, we provide this FREE service to well over 30,000 US cities, towns and communities. Please stop by and visit.

    Thank You,

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  • Diego

    Very good site Nick, to much information for Artist
    Buona Fortuna per Te!

  • Tom McKay

    Hello Nick,
    I apologize (last e-mail) for not including my personal website that I have with 7-time world kickboxing champion, Clif ‘Magic’ Thomas. It is simply, ‘’
    I did provide you with my wife the artist’s website What was I thinking? Not much, I am 75 soon and old age is not a state of mind but a matter of decay.
    Have A Happy

    Tom McKay, El Paso, Texas

  • Elena Suslova

    Hi Nick,

    Your site is a treasure to an artist. Numbers of gem like information is lying here and there.

    I think all the artists will love to know that I sell quality paint brushes or art brushes at extremely competitive price, lowest almost every time.

    I bet they would love visit my site regularly after their first visit, because they will save plenty of money.

    My site is

    Thank you.

  • John Lee


    I am a representative for Soiree International Inc. We run an art website,, that sells art. We are relatively new on the online art market, but are growing fast. We have a lot of new and upcoming artists, many of whom are yet relatively unknown. Seeing as you’re interested in fine art, come check out some of our artists and their original works of art. We’re also touring on an Art Tour,, but since you’re based in Australia it might be hard to attend. If you’re ever in the West Coast this year, send me and e-mail and I can get you some free tickets to our tour.

    We would love to be mentioned or linked onto your blog and link you as well. I know you’ve done some posts on different art websites, and I think our website is unique and different from other online art websites because of our tours and soirees. Anyways, if you are interested please come check us out or contact me. Thanks. Great blog by the way.

  • Charlena Forch

    appreciated lots, I am obliged to say your site is fantastic!

  • Abraham Lenarz

    Hello.I am truly curious about the.Where can I learn other post about it? Some advice?

  • Patrick Gildea

    I am looking to sell two oil paintings by Shozo Nagano. They are very spiritual and interesting pieces. One is Shozos vision of the Atomic blast in Japan. Shozo watched his friends an family vaporized and shadowed on the walls. While playing hide and seek with his friends.

  • global warming swindle

    Thanks for taking the time to share this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you gain knowledge, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

    • Patrick Gildea

      E-mail me any questions that I will answer.Thanks Pat Gildea

      • Patrick Gildea

        What kind of questions that would help me to continue to move forward.

  • Patrick Gildea

    The reason I am aware of this.Shozos art gallery was in Jim Thorpe,Pa.We meet an had many great conversations.He was on medication for years.Because of what he saw ofter the atomic bomb was set off.He used art work as a way of removing removing his trama .The two paintings I own are beyond spiritual.

  • Art News

    Certainly you have a good collection. I would like to ask you to join Artcalendr and get art news and latest event updates about your favourite artists from across the globe. Sign up and let us know your location to give you the exact details and news updates of art events happening in your city

  • artradar

    Hello Nick

    This is Kate from Art Radar Asia. We are a news and trends site covering Asia. We do occasional market news but also interviews, news and features too.

    Congratulations on and thanks for your site – we have been subscribing for over 2 years now.

    The reason we are writing is that we are running a special offer which your readers may be interested in.. We were wondering if you would like to run it as a post on your site – we can provide everything you need to make it quick and easy. Here are the details. Perhaps in due course I can do the same for you.

    However there is only 4 days to go so there is a time limit on the offer. though we could run a special extension of say a week for your readers if you think they would be interested.

    Let me know what you think. And good to be in touch.

  • artradar
  • loknathverma

    pz check my profile login on loknathverma in facebook

  • Kathy


    Do you mind if I link to your site from my fashion sites?



  • Anthony Nwalupue

    Dear Friends,

    I am Mr. Anthony Nwalupue,a natural born artist, a surrealist, impressionist.i am also a portraitist and expressionist.
    My specialty is in every facet of Artifacts, Sculpture, Painting, Graphics, Textile, Ceramics etc.
    I have to my credit many Award Winning laurels in the field of arts.
    Please browse through my art gallery and you will be impress with many of my arts works and some are for sale while others that have been sold, can still be obtain from the private collectors if they are offered a higher bid for my artworks.
    I have created a unique style of art, which infuses Africa and Western Culture in marriage that blissfully creates an expression rarely found in today’s Art environment.
    I am rated as one of the best African Artist in World of Arts.
    I look forward to working with you in a mutual business relationship.

    Best Regards,

    Mr. Anthony Nwalupue (Artist)
    For: Toprankin Arts Galleria

    International Sales Manager Contact:

    Mr. Edward Sunday
    Tel: +2348038736477

  • Molly Sampson

    Amir Baradaran announces his infiltration of the Louvre Museum on January 27th, 2011, with the permanent installation of his 52-second video performance streaming live over the image of Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of Lisa Gherardini. Using an Augmented Reality (AR) Smartphone application, Frenchising Mona Lisa seeks to provoke notions of national identity, iconography, and curatorial practices within museums.

    In Baradaran’s work, Mona Lisa comes to life, raising her hands to don a tricolor head covering. Frenchising Mona Lisa sheds light on the very processes of naturalization and resignification by utilizing the history of Mona Lisa as it has become an icon of the Louvre and the state of France, even though the portrait itself is that of an Italian woman, painted by an Italian artist.

    Similarly, the cultures and practices of head coverings are as complex and particular as the periods and places in which they are worn. Bound up with the flux of time and space, their meanings are historical and continuously shifting. Currently in France, the hijab has become a lightning rod about “Frenchness,” a visual threat to the ideals of the secular state. Pursuant to the demands of demographic changes, politicians from the right and the left have been engaging in argument, castigating an interpretation of Islamic practice while religious underpinnings of Western secularism go unacknowledged and undisputed.

    Augmented Reality presupposes significant conceptual shifts, as it expands our definitions of ownership and trespassing while triggering dialog about a new medium for interactive installations. Frenchising Mona Lisa raises questions about curatorial control of what is seen in a museum as the alternative (augmented) experience of the Mona Lisa interferes with da Vinci’s original work and injects itself into the Louvre’s presentation of the painting in situ in the Salle des États.

    Beginning on January 27, 2011, Baradaran’s channel is viewable by downloading the application Junaio ( available for free on any Smartphone Appstore. In order to watch the Mona Lisa come to life, users must choose the channel Frenchising Mona Lisa, and point their smartphone camera at an image of the Mona Lisa, whether inside the Louvre or in front of any of its reproductions anywhere in the world.

    At the same moment in New York, Baradaran will release the manifesto for FutARism, a movement that seeks to explore the experiential, conceptual and legal shifts suggested by the advent of AR within the modalities of contemporary art. For the remote opening of Frenchising Mona Lisa and live performance of FutARism, join us on January 27 from 5pm to 9pm at Benrimon Contemporary located at 514 West 24th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10011.

    The Louvre did not participate in the development of Frenchising Mona Lisa, nor has it sanctioned or denounced the work, of which it was unaware at this writing.

    Amir Baradaran is a New York-based visual and performance artist. Born in Tehran and raised in Montreal, his first sketches took root in his grandfather’s philosophy and the harmony of his mother’s poetry. Baradaran’s artistic practice is marked by a recurring exploration of national identity vis-a-vis the cross-section of race and gender. Recent work includes Transient (2010), a series of video installations in New York City taxis, and The Other Artist Is Present (2010), a guerrilla performance in four acts at The Museum of Modern Art. Baradaran’s piece Takeoff (2010) is part of the Augmented Reality exhibition WeARinMoMA (2010), permanently installed in The Museum of Modern Art.

  • robert mack

    Hi Nick,

    Found you thanks to a google search for selling one’s fine art. I’m a fine art photographer / visual artist who over the last 5 years have been pursuing my art.

    Years before, I had a 9 week major exhibition of photography from a hospital for the criminally insane at the Baltimore Museum of Art. In 2012 I will be showing this work again at a Mannheim, Germany museum for 4 months and we are in talks with Steidl about a book publication to be released in conjunction with the exhibition.

    Thank you for your article about the various high-end art online auction sites. I want to start selling my recent work which is not on my website. Also, I understand if you or your gallery or reps have not already sold your art at auction houses, it is difficult to make this happen?!

    At there is a haiku video installation I did with the Oz actress / artist Radha Mitchell and artist Mauricio Saravia who unfortunately passed away. My new website will be going online in the next three months and it will then contain a more comprehensive presentation of my art work…

    Thank you for any advice being accepted to the high-end art online auctions when one hasn’t yet done so.

    Here are a few links to recent shows and I would love to come to Australia one day for an exhibition.


    Robert Mack
    Los Angeles


  • BJ Price

    My latest Collection of twelve
    oil paintings Little Big Things is now online at

    It’s quite minimalist, in a hard-edged,
    geometric kind of style.

    I’d love to hear what you

    Sincerely Yours,

    BJ Price


  • niboby

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