At the age of thirteen, Nic’s entrepreneurial spirit, combined with an interest in antiques, led him to open a stall in a local antique centre in his home town of Sydney, Australia selling a range of antiques and objets d’art. A good eye, and a knack for identifying undervalued objects, gave Nic the ability to resell items for a profit that he had purchased at garage sales, flea markets and other antique centres. This early introduction to the antique and art industry was an eye opening experience that really ignited his passion for antiques, fine art and objets d’art (and provided him with a significant addition to his pocket money).

After finishing school, Nic completed a BA (Art History and Criticism) degree following which he pursued a fine art related career path. During this time, Nic worked in various different positions in both the cultural and commercial sectors of the art world where he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Nic continued to deal in antiques and art in his spare time, all the while developing a greater understanding of what to buy and how to shop.

In 2007, at the age of 24, Nic started the now internationally renowned Art Market Blog ( in response to the misconceptions and lack of understanding of the art market that he experienced during his time as an art broker. The Art Market Blog is now one of the most widely read independent commentaries on the Art market and continues to increase in popularity.

An interest in art related fraud and the authentication of fine objects saw Nic complete graduate studies in the area of art authentication in 2008 through the University of Melbourne.

Having achieved success working as an art market analyst, art critic and art consultant, Nic made the decision in 2009 to return to his roots and focus on his passion for fine objects and interior styling. A desire to share his passion for fine objects led Nic to develop a business that used the knowledge, skills and contacts that he had developed to source fine objects and provide interior styling advice.

The extensive global network of contacts that he had developed, combined with his in-depth knowledge of the art and antique industry, has given Nic a rare knowledge and understanding of the marketplace for fine objects that he continues to expand and is excited to be able to put to good use.

Nic has been published in many publications including Verve Magazine, Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine various, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure and Profit Magazine, Visual Art Beat Magazine, Art Etc. Magazine, and has appeared on several radio programs (national and international) as an art market expert. He has also received press from the New York Times, Times of London, Conde Nast Portfolio, the UK Telegraph, Santa Monica Sun, Nuwire investor, Seeking Alpha, the Argus Leader, and many other websites and publications.

Finally, Nic has been invited to be a guest lecturer at the Sotheby’s institute in Singapore for their MA Art Business program.

In between dealing with all the request that i get to give my thoughts and opinions on tv, radio, in magazines and newspapers and on websites, I have been working on a video which will give my views on the future of the art market and my predictions for 2008 which should be launched in the next couple of months. I have also been working on some exciting projects and reports which will change the way you view the art market and hopefully revolutionise the world of art investment so be sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss out. My addiction for art has seen my own art collection grow in size in recent months so you can expect to see some posts on my art collecting exploits in the very near future.

If you would like my views on art, art investment or the art market for tv, radio, magazines, newspapers, websites etc. or if you just want to ask a question or say hi then please feel free to contact me at

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  • ruzaimi

    Dear Nicholas,

    I would like to invite you to visit my artwork. There are two major collection available now at the gallery which are the collection 500 pieces edinburgh old town sketches and the collection 85 pieces the sacred garden collection. Do enjoy the visit.


  • John Thomas

    Hi Nicholas,

    I linked your site. Good work, and best wishes,


  • Adam Abrahms

    I came across the most awe-inspiring modern works I have ever seen… in museums… at corporate headquarters… at any gallery. The thing that got me was that the artist wished to remain anonymous, however, compared to the galleries around town the artwork was extremely modest in price. The representative was asking $4500 for a 6′ x 8′ painting. There was another painting that was 12′ x 12′ for $6000. Are these reasonable prices considering the size and talent of the artist even though the artist wishes to remain anonymous?

  • Mandy Kabirschke

    I enjoyed going through the artmarketblog.
    A lot of interesting topics.

  • Aboriginal Art Directory


    A fantastic and very interesting site, that has recently been listed as a resource for the Aboriginal Art Directory at: Art Market Blog.

    All the best,

    The Aboriginal Art Directory Team

  • Pierre Tavlitzki

    Hi Nick. I am starting a global review of art market at auction. One of my widgets made me come to your excellent site. Second time I come here, because when just starting two monthes ago I was so lucky to find your very useful list of The Top Ten Art Price Indexes and Databases. Now I mostly use the eleventh : the totally free I linked your site.
    Best regards, Pierre. (Dec 2, 2007)

  • artforprofits

    Thanks for the comment pierre

  • Caroline

    I keep thinking you will run out of interesting topics and great information, however, you just keep getting better and better. I love your site.

  • artforprofits

    Thanks for the comment Caroline ;-)

  • RodSoto

    Hi Nick. Congratulations on your site. The best I’ve seen on the subject. Linked your site. Saludos from Chile.

  • Co-oPepys Community Arts Project

    Fantastic….We Co-oPepys Community arts project based in deptford – London would like to keep in contact.
    Dalva Oliveira James

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  • Mike Vines

    Hi Nick,

    Great art content and info for the buyer and seller.

    Here’s my site which is a journal of my lifetime interest and acquisition of art.


    Mike Vines
    Fine Art at Home

  • David Thomas Crawley

    Dear Nick
    Sounds very exciting your concept. As a multi media artist studying at Sheffield Hallam University, UK on MA Contemporary Fine Art: Curating I feel that this type of networking on a global level is extremely impressive! I have worked for Liverpool Biennial before on numerous projects, as a secondary teacher for several years and as a professional artist for the last two, I will be entering your competition but in the mean time you and your fellow global artists might want to check the up and coming talent from the north in the UK.

  • Noureddine EL HANI

    Bonjour de Tunisie.
    Very rich ! Très intéressant. J’ai placé un lien sur mon blog.
    A bientôt.

  • Tommi Brem

    Hey there. Just found the site and have bookmarked it straight away (do I need to reactivate my RSS reader? I guess I have to …).

    I’m just starting to collect contemporary art and am looking for useful resources. This looks like one. Thanks for putting all that effort in here. And thanks for letting us all make use of it.

    Will send you an invite for our platform in a minute. You’re very welcome!


  • suni


    Thank you for inviting me.
    The paintings are on display downtown.
    May good fortune always be yours!


  • zahraa albaghdadi

    مرحبا نيك اودالمشاركه في عرض اعمالي في معرض الفنون في سوق الفن بلوق وارجو التصال بي على الايميل اعلاه مع الشكر
    زهراء البغدادي

  • Anupa Mehta

    Very astute.


  • Matt


    Great site, I am learning more and more. I would love to see more videos. Oct 27th video was very interesting and made me look at auctions in a new light.

  • Melody Wells

    Nick, you are nothing but a 21st Century colonizer. Please keep your intellectual opinions about art made by “brown people” to yourself.


    The Brown Community

  • Mario

    Hi Nick!
    Just to say that I really appreciate what you do though I never get to follow everything. (e.g. I’m brown… :-) did we miss something?…
    I like your stlyle and your prose. Well founded, direct and simple!
    I’ll be back when you post something about your own collection!

    Bye now!



  • Mario

    P.S. – I thought I saw an article of you the other day featured at absolute arts… Take care! mjf

  • ElizabethBelhadj


  • Chase Bronfman

    Hi Nick,

    Just wanted to let you know how informative I have found your site. I am literally starting from the first page and working myself through every one of your informative blog posts.

    Thanks Again,


  • Ryan Vojir

    Hi Nick,

    Came across your site while surfing tonight… awesome. Looking forward to working to creating some Australian cityscapes in the future!


  • T-Rex

    Red cheeky, art critic, art market analyst, art journalist, art guru, art everything, puh !

    How old are you lad?

    You look funny ! Do critic your self.. ! And wait for years to critic art .

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  • Lara

    Hey nick,
    I cant bleieve your my brother and look how famous and goodlooking you are. What can I say. Mum said you can come oer anytime. When you become rich and famouse shotty getting pics with you. Love ya xx

  • Ronald Bazuin

    Hi Nick,
    Interesting views on the auction house statistics!

    Although your focus seems to be on modern and contemporary art please feel free to contact me on any (auction) issues regarding Dutch and Flemish Old Masters. My company Bazuin & De Blécourt Fine Art Research will be happy to assist.
    Please visit our website on

    Will you be in Maastricht (Tefaf) next week ?

    Best regards from Amsterdam,


  • Zsuzsa Mathe

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your blog entries about the current art market that I found very informational.

    Would you mind checking out my artwork and commenting on it?

    Kind regards:


  • kushal kanti chattopadhyay

    Hi Friend, I like to share my thoughts and art work with you,may i have the oppertunity.

  • Dan Loesch

    Hi Nicholas,

    My name is Dan Loesch and I am writing from I love your blog and feel that you’re filling a very important void. Kudos on your success.

    In case you haven’t heard of our art site, we are THE largest art community in the world and host over 80M artwork images and have a top 75 web traffic rank in Australia.

    If you’re readers are interested, please let them know that is soon to release a FREE online portfolio for all interested artists. We put months of development and research into it and hope that it becomes the new standard in the art world for sharing and reviewing work.

    If you would like more information, here is a ‘coming soon’ article that highlights our process for creating the tool.

    Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns that you may have.

    Regards and happy writing!


  • Mariela

    Hi Nick,
    First I wanted to congratulate you on such a great blog!!
    I just had a tech suggestion…I can’t seem to print the main article without having both side bars print as well. Maybe there should be a “print this page” option that excludes the side bars. If there is one, I can’t find it. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a click button to easily share this on FB for example. Although I have the “share this” button on my add-ons, this might be something to consider, that way your blog can easily travel places :) Cheers, and continue the great work!!!

  • Fraser MacIver

    Dear Nick,
    for your interesting writings written in a youthful style. The difficulty for most artists , whether newly graduated, or aging ( with years of experience behind them ). Is exposure, ( of a constructive kind ), marketing, ( if their creations are indeed marketable )… and lastly, recognition and respect, which usually follows on from the first two if the artist is fortunate enough to garner this happening.
    Aside from all that is cultivating a work/life balance that allows wholeness in a personal sense as well as having the means and time at ones disposal to actually produce the work without being overly concerned about living expenses, overheads and the day to day realities of being a paying living human adult in the western world of the 21st century.
    Yes, we hear the perennial trotting out of the high end, big name heavies in the industry,dealing in vastly inflated markets, all underpinned by extensive support systems & media wizards, (of which, Saatchi is an expert and prime example )… it is debateable whether the incredible gulf between the majority of strivers and aspirants in the field…can ever quite attain to this exclusivity of focus given the nature of the preclusion.
    It is also debateable whether or not it ultimately has much to do with art in the final analysis , considering that retrospectively , most of what is considered pertinent in the moment and in the whitehot spotlight of media hype and frenzied accolade in its time , is subsequently more often than not, downgraded, ignored, forgotten. Such are the fickle vagaries of Art criticism , promotion , pertinence and worth vis a vis social constructs and value systems in any age.
    thanks for writing, I will follow as best I can,
    Sincerely Fraser

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  • johnncohen

    I have found all this most interesting and would like to introduce you all to my pictures.

    My ‘Painting With Light’ pictures make quite a statement!

    After many one-man exhibitions and much recognition my award winning pictures are only just available to purchase.

    For a lot more information please check out ‘Painting With Light’ at: -

    An invitation to join my Facebook fan page at: -

    With kindest regards

  • Nicholas Forrest

    my name is also nicholas forrest, congratulations

  • Sergey

    Hi Nick,

    Your blog is so interesting and it ceeps in touch with art market.

    Would you mind checking out my website?

    Thank you.

  • Ken Jones, AIA, LEED AP


    Please take a couple of minutes to check out this blog:

    “Urban Art” ( is a blog that presents the work of 23 year old artist, Justin, from one of the roughest areas of West Baltimore.

    After overcoming the use of drugs and alcohol throughout his teenage years and a childhood surrounded by violence, Justin has taken control of his life as a young adult and assumed responsibility for creating a better future for himself and his family. Through his art, he expresses his own experiences and perspective of the neglected urban environment that he is all too familiar with.

    Read his inspiring story and view samples of Justin’s work at “Urban Art”. Thank You.

  • Adina Cicort

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for inviting me to read your blog. I think is one of the best art blogs I’ve read in a long time! Congratulations!

  • Mike

    Hi Nick you really have a great site here. I am working on a piece of art that will sell for $1000.000 and advertising for buyers or investors is good news. And I am ready to place links on my web sites, I have lots to say the least.. thanks Mike

  • Eric Edelman

    Please take a look at my art blog and art website. I’ve added your link to my blog roll and would appreciate your doing likewise. Thanks.

    The RetroCollage art gallery is at
    Classical images and a contemporary outlook mark the digital collages of Eric Edelman.

    The RetroCollage Blog is at
    Musings on creativity, aesthetics, and collage in general and surrealist collage in particular, liberally seasoned with wit and the philosophy of art. the RetroCollage blog presents interesting facts and theories about the relationships among collage and vision, ancestral memory, and the cultural collective unconscious. The site also promotes the appreciation and use of wood engravings as source material for collage, honoring the work of collage masters past and present: Max Ernst, Joseph Cornell, and others.

  • Carunchio

    Hi Nick!
    yhanks for sharing ll this information!! very interesting and good work!!

  • John

    Hi there Nick,

    I always love what you have to say about art young man. Your blog is always interesting. Keep up the good work.



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  • Rondle l West

    Hello Nicholas, I’m new to your blog you’re a great writer with great info. I’m new to this art scene and if you ever have time please take a look at my work and tell me what you think? Keep up the good work. Have a Holiday Thanks. Rondle

  • Brian D Wiltshire

    Your blog is most informative and has provided us with very valuable insights. We are trying to promote high quality original art from mostly emerging artists worldwide. We would of course greatly appreciate your review of our artists and any observations on our website.

  • Rod jones Artist

    Great job Nicholas… worthy blog! Insightful and joy to read! Congrats!!


  • Tracy Homer

    Interestingly enough, I did not come across your blog via the art world. Your site was mentioned in passing by a crossword gaming friend from Australia! I have just finished reading a few of your blogs and all of the above comments. My email is entered to subscribe for further reading. Thank you.

  • Ruth Rifka

    Thanks for the insights. We artists have to sober up every once in a while.

  • Ruth Rifka

    And if you would like to check out my website, it is:

    Sadly, I do not twitter or facebook: I am barely computer literate. But as an artist, I am not half-bad.

  • Aboriginal Art

    I will only say!

    Aboriginal art is one of art in the world which has thousands year back history.

    Now in this current age artist are trying to live this history with their paintings.

    I think it is good and interesting area for investors and entrepreneurs to invest in this business and also promote the aboriginal artists.


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  • Frank Steineck

    I have subscribed your blog today with sage (Firefox add on); while I haven’t figured out exactly yet how I came to the honor getting your attention. Hope it is deserved. So far this blog’s topics appear a bit abstract to me. Nevertheless I will find what I am supposed to locate here and will be heard as well then. Flourish!

  • Ben Carstens

    Hi Nick, Congratulations on your informative Art Market Blog.
    The best I’ve seen on the subject.


  • Gautam Paul

    Dear Nicholas,

    I would like to invite you to visit my artwork website link and also attached my poem.
    Thank you


    Talent manifests
    By the day.
    Aroma manifests
    With the breath.
    Love manifests
    In the heart.
    Purity manifests
    With taste.
    The monstrous manifests
    In countenance.
    Power manifests
    With strength.
    Education manifests
    With behavior.
    The infinite manifests
    In the void.
    Creation manifests
    In time.
    Destruction manifests
    In the field.
    Humanity manifests
    With conscience.

  • Ruth

    Hi Nick,

    It’s a rare thing to see an artist go out in pursuit of creating a decent community that will benefit from a global audience. It holds a promise of good things and I think its worth checking out and even supporting.

  • Earlean Bybel

    Excelent info my friend!!, keep it comming!

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  • Jane

     I’m looking for serious collectors for a friend of mine who’s gettig up in years, & is looking to sell some of their Lladro’s & Norman Rockwell Christmas figurines. If serious please contact me at Thank You

  • intermountainart

    I am looking for very serious collectors/investors who may be interested in a museum quality prehistoric native American lithic collection from the pacific northwest in the United States. The details must be explained as this is a one of kind collection for serious investors or collectors

  • saroj

    Hello , 
       I am looking for art collector ,who are interested in my very abstract  paintings/ sculptures . If anyone wants to collect contemporary work plz. contact me on my email Id –

  • Jpeters033

    Where can I buy prints or canvas of ernest zacharevic

  • Prasenjit_d

    I’m looking for art collectors who like to buy watercolor paintings/ dry pastel or acrylic from my sales sheet. Please visit my link and decide.
    My personal e-mail :

    I’m also available at tweeter:   @jeetdeesha

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  • Ln Verma

    please search PICASSO and ME.

  • Ln Verma

    world  top rare art work search in facebook take care  lok nath verma.

  • Prasenjit Dhar

    I liked your entrepreneurial transition spirit from  a layman to a successful business man in art’s domain. I salute your outstanding performance.

  • Bernard Ewell

    I am not surprised that I am getting a flood of rave reviews for my book Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market on Amazon from the best dealers and art professionals and hearing nothing from the unscrupulous. The con men and pretender appraisers just lay low. Check the book out. It’s a good read.

  • Jacob Khan

    I have worked
    with art dealers and continue to work with them worldwide. I am a lawyer with a busy commercial
    and insolvency practice which of late has seen the re-emergence and re-entry of
    works of European, Asian and Asian art by the masters worth tens of millions of dollars
    seeking out buyers.

    Many of these treasures ‘salted’ away in places like Lichtenstein, the British Virgin
    Islands, the Bahamas, Switzerland and other jurisdictions tax avoiders and those seeking anonymity or ‘refuge’ from public scrutiny
    and prying eyes tend to prefer for one reason or the other.

    Many if not
    all of these works of art have been thoroughly vetted, their authenticity
    and provenance (where available) verified. But thats only the beginning. Here is the interesting
    part of this story.

    The bulk of
    these works of art were ‘salted’ away during the heady days immediately prior to the GFC of
    2007-2008. They were loosely given as security for loans in order to participate in the closed hedge funds and their investments linked to some of the biggest names in the hedge
    fund and investment banking business.

    None of these art works were in fact properly securitized or secured by the
    banks or lenders. None were taken possession of. That’s how loosely these deals
    were done then. It was a highly personalized relationship between banker and high
    net worth client.

    intermediary (or shall I say 3 intermediaries) who were feeder funds to a
    notorious master fund then had these works of art “securitised” (if at all) then
    ‘salted’ away.

    Over these works they purported to have created (unenforceable
    and fictitious) securities and charges for the high interest tax effective loans to clients to participate in the hedge fund ‘rackets’.

    Upon the
    collapse of the largest of these funds, no one was prepared to raise their
    hands or to even breathe a mention that would link them to the works of art
    they once owned. None admitted to ownership of these works of art (given as security)to
    investigators from the SEC and the IRS.
    It was not in their possession so no
    hard questions arose for them to respond to. And it suited them fine.

    investors and ‘borrowers’ had lost tens of millions of dollars in the collapse
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    None was game enough to acknowledge their true
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    Its been
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    in fact ‘do not exist’ as far as they are concerned.

    These works of art were not available to the estates and
    did not form a part of the deceased’s estates at the time of their demise.
    Probate given, the trustees of these estates having made distributions to
    beneficiaries out of the estates and having properly wound up the estates,
    their job had come to an end.

    Each time, as
    I have on a number of occasions, come across someone who has paid a great fortune,
    an amount of money (with zeros stretching into the stratosphere) for a work of
    art, I ask myself (an art buff and
    enthusiast but not an expert by any means) how much should they have really paid
    for their purchase? Did they pay for an original and do they really know
    anything about art at all?

    Christie’s, Bonhams, the British Museum, the Dutch art Museums, the Louvre, Wildenstein’s
    and Sotheby’s do not know so much about art as they are reputed to know, how
    much more does an oil rich Arab know about the subject? How much more does a
    Chinese billionaire know about it and what it is they are in fact buying?

    more to think about: Where are the originals of the fakes sold by Christies and
    Sotheby’s in their place? Both Sotheby’s and Christie’s were ensnared in not
    just the fraud of century of the art world but also in a price fixing scam that
    landed the owner of one of them up in jail for 2 years.

    If you wish
    to know more about where to find if you truly wish to buy genuine works of art as investments then drop me a line:

  • Bobby Gabriel


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    you can see on club s home to one of the largest art price databases in the world, with more than 20 million available records! For over 180 years

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