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davidoff2 Davidoff Launches 1st Art Edition Boxes by Quizqueya Henríquez   artmarketblog.comDavidoff has unveiled its first Limited Art Edition cigar boxes featuring original commissioned artwork by the celebrated Caribbean artist Quisqueya Henríquez.

Launched as part of the Davidoff Art Initiative, the two cigar boxes are limited to an edition of 300 and come stocked with custom-made cigars that were developed exclusively for the initiative.

Also available is a highly limited run of 50 Collectors Editions, which include the special edition box of cigars as well as an original print from the series of images developed for the project.

Henríquez took inspiration from the intricate craft of cigar making for her Davidoff Art Initiative works. She layered multiple photographs of tobacco leaves to create abstract images that evoke the multiple phases of cigar production.

“I have always had in mind to work with images that illustrate time and the many different steps involved in the tradition of cigar making,” said Quisqueya Henríquez.

“When we approached Ms. Henríquez to do a work for our inaugural edition, we did not ask her to take up the subject of tobacco or cigars directly. So it was all the more gratifying that she asked to visit our tobacco fields in Santiago and spend time there observing our crops and the work methods of our cigar rollers,” said Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, Chief Executive Officer Oettinger Davidoff AG.“

“The works that have resulted from her experiments with photography and the manipulation of tobacco leaves are breathtakingly beautiful, and they also say something profound about the history and culture of the Caribbean.”

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Limited Art Edition – Timelap Quisqueya Henriquez from Oettinger Davidoff AG on Vimeo.

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