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battle of the artists The Battle of the Artists at Work In Progress New York   artmarketblog.comSetting a new standard in nightlife as the most exclusive lounge to date, WIP (an industrial acronym for Work in Progress) gets its name from the constantly rotating art installations –all designed and executed by an impressive array of artists from around the world. WIP’s focus on art combined with the atmosphere of an upscale lounge creates NYC’s most unique and prestigious venue.

This Wednesday, August 22nd, W.I.P will host a special artist competition called The Battle of the Artists with works from Con Artist Collective and Fowler Arts Collective from 9:30pm – 12am.

The Battle of the Artists will be similar to a game show format with two teams of artists from each collective competing for the better piece of artwork. Each team will be provided with the same size empty canvas, a subject matter and the same amount of materials. Since this is a live show, artists will also be provided with newspapers of the day and will have to create collages and collaborations based on current events.

Each team will be assigned a unique hashtag on Twitter and guests will be encouraged to take pictures or retweet their favorite team during the event. At a certain time, the team with the most retweets or most tweets with that unique hashtag will be declared the winner. The pieces will be offered for sale with a price tag of $3,000 and remain in the venue throughout the summer. The winners will also be invited to help curate future events and showcases at the venue.


Cecilia Post, Fowler Arts Collective:

Elizabeth Grammaticas, Fowler Arts Collective:

Victor Ochoa, Con Artist Collective:

Alexander Sullivan, Con Artist Collective:

Oscar Brown IV, Con Artist Collective:

(Maybe) Chris Mendoza, Con Artist Collective:

(Live aluminum foil sculpting) Dean Millien, Con Artist Collective:

(Entrance Murals) The Yok, Con Artist Collective:

(Entrance Murals) Sheryo, Con Artist Collective:

WHO: Con Artist Collective and Fowler Arts Collective battling for the better piece of artwork

Also scope out new works, collaborations, and experiments from other Con Artist favorites, such as: Chris Mendoza, Mike Ming, Kenji Hirata, The Yok, Sheryo, Laura Tack, Dean Millien, Cody Oyama, Sam Woolley, IRKT, Rachael Senchoway, Michael Sharp, Ko Smith, Julia Pascone, Kanako Miyamoto, Oscar Tatsu, Victor Ochoa, Andy Wolf, Silvia Mihai and more.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 22nd

9:30pm-12am: Battle of the Artists


34 Vandam Street (between Avenue of the Americas and Varick St)

New York, NY 10013

**Nicholas Forrest is a Sydney/London based art market analyst, art consultant and writer.  He is the founder of the Art Market Blog ( which offers independent commentaries as well as research and analysis on the current art market, and has recently been published in Fabrik magazine, Verve magazine, Visual Art Beat magazine, Australian Art Collector magazine, Art & Investment magazine and many others.  Nic has made several radio appearances (both nationally and internationally) as an art market expert and has received press from the likes of the New York Times, Conde Nast Portfolio and Times of London.

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  • Kelley Dawkins

    What a fun night!

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