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Estimated to have an annual turnover of US$50 million dollar, the Israeli art market is fast becoming a serious player on the global art market stage. There is obviously a growing interest in the art market as evinced by the ArtFi fine art and finance conference being held in Tel-Aviv on the 21st of March as part of Tel-Aviv Art Week.

The brainchild of Tel-Avid based Art Station Gallery co-owners Shiri Benartzi and Aya Shoham, Artfi will focuse on the financial aspects of art and invites the public to experience the passion of collecting art, become acquainted with the latest financial tools available for investing in art, and gain knowledge before starting to engage in this special field.

According to the conference website, “for first time in Israel, Artfi – The Fine Art & Finance Conference, provides an arena where the burgeoning Israeli art crowd can gain an in-depth knowledge on the art world, the global trends that dominate it, and its financial aspects”.

Further evidence of Israel’s appetite for art market information comes in the form of Artrustee, a Tel-Aviv based art market analysis and research company. Founded by Dani Koren, Artrustee bridges over the art and financial worlds by increasing market transparency and providing art market intelligence through in-depth reports, analysis and today’s most updated art indexes.

According to an article written by Koren, “The passing decade brought with it important developments, such as a hike in the number of international events held here, record sales auctions and growing global recognition of Israeli art and artists”.

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