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boltanski 300x177 Christian Boltanski Sells Video Art Online   artmarketblog.comIn an interesting move that reflects the growing interest in both digital art and the online purchase of fine art editions, French sculptor, photographer, painter and film maker Christian Boltanski has chosen to sell one of his films as an online  edition. The new project, titled Storage Memory, will consist of monthly installments of ten one-minute movies, made each month using a small HD camera, which will be transmitted to buyers via the internet.

The videos can be watched separately, but will together make up, little by little, in the way of a jigsaw puzzle, a kind of self-portrait depicting his emotions and sensations, half way between the “postcard” and the “diary”, a record, as time goes by, of the transformations in his life. The artist’s wish is, by relying on Internet facilities, “to achieve contact with a large number of individuals all over the world, mach beyond the familiar circle of art fans. Buyers will receive ten films each month for twelve months.”

According to the artist’s website: “In launching this project, Christian Boltanski opens up a new mode of contact with his audience which  relies on the resources afforded by Internet. He will communicate with all the people, wherever they may be, that would be willing to participate. To all subscribers he will send, each month, ten one-minute original films, making up, with the passage of time,a kind of self-portrait depicting his experiences and emotions, a work in progress of unknown duration which only death will put an end to.”


Receive 10 ten films by Christian Boltanski, each month.

Fee : 10 euros monthly.

Minimal subscription: a year, 120 euros.

At the end of my subscription, I will receive , by e-mail, a certificate of electronic property for the complete set of received films.

The edition can be purchased at

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    Christian Boltanski’s Chance opens in Sydney at Carriageworks on January 9 2014

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