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Being the big fan that I am of photography and of the online fine art photography marketplace,, I thought I would tempt fans of the Art Market Blog with my top ten favourite photos from PurePhoto. If you like what you see then check out where you can see more great photos.

Hope you enjoy !!!

 Nics Top Ten Photos from PurePhoto

Concrete Tree by Jeremy Cowart

My 2011 New Years resolution was “more personal work”. Little did I know it would be with an iPhone. I went on a volunteer trip with Hope International during the 1-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. In between shoots for Hope, I randomly started shooting with my iPhone and quickly became interested in the possibilities. I found that the iPhone gave me better access to my surroundings. Sometimes a big DSLR can intimidate people or draw a scene so the idea was to document everything in a subtle, respectful way and the iPhone allowed for just that.

View here:

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life.despite by Katerina Bodrunova

life’s everywhere. even if it shouldn’t be. even if you don’t expect it somewhere. even death somehow could be a start for the new life.

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Quarter Horse by Ryan Phillips

I shot this image at Long Hollow Ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon in the winter of 2009. I had never seen freezing fog before and it doesn’t happen often. It is simply amazing!

Everything is covered in white but you can still see the organic shape and structure of the ground and trees as it is covered in fog not snow. Fog comes into the low lying valleys and if the temperature drops below freezing while that thick layer of fog is hanging, it just freezes and sticks to everything.

This print was recently printed 14 feet across by 7 feet high and hangs in the home of Wayne and Janet Gretzky. The print is face mounted to glass and backed with 1/8 inch aluminum di-bond. It is the only printed piece of this image currently in existence.

View here:

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Pool – Durango, Co. by Tom Fowlks

digital C-print

40″ x 51.5″ ed. of 9
30″ x 38.6″ ed. of 12
20″ x 25.7″ ed. of 25

These photographs were made while wandering throughout the often untraveled backroads of the west, in search of a more real America than the one most of us are familiar with. By taking smaller highways and exploring forgotten towns, I found that America is a place with a sense of poetic beauty and grandeur. Perhaps these photographs will serve as a vehicle for a type of cultural self reflection, to know that our country has more than golden arches, strip malls and track homes. America has character and lots of it!

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Flash-Lit Portrait of Cheetah by Paul Souders

Africa, Kenya, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Flash-lit portrait of Adult Female Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatas) resting on savanna.

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Hospital Ward II by Yuri Mader

Ellis Island Selected Works : Artists Statement

Objects of dreams and desires, I had long hoped to photograph there. When the chance came, the crumbling ruin was more daunting than I imagined, an endless maze of dank and decay, dead birds, musty smells, and asbestos dust. Yet it is beautiful, filled with strange objects, ghosts flickering in windows and on the walls. A museum of dust.

My photographic work explores issues of race, exile, and American identity. The child of European refugees, I was inspired by my family tragedies to search for universal meaning in stories that often divide more than they unite. Language and self-knowledge, patriotism and shame, timelessness and mortality; all are concurrent themes that run through my work.

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 Nics Top Ten Photos from PurePhoto

Monk of Abuna Yemata Guh by Joel L.

Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia

View here:

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6 1 by Andrei Baciu

This photo belongs to my Winterly Haiku series. This group of photos won a highly commended distinction in Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2010. The motto of the series reads as follows: “Maybe sometimes the meaning of a photograph doesn’t reside in transcending the one thousand words’ border. Not at all, but, exactly on the contrary, a photo may well fulfill it’s goal by simply suggesting that, be it from time to time, moving closer to the gentle fields of silence represents a higher wisdom. By taking and, especially, making the photos above, their author began to remember. He began to remember that, in order to hear properly, what he needed first was a fruitful quietness.”

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jacob_hessler-5 by Jacob Hessler

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Encrucijada by Juan Baraja

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Concrete Tree by Jeremy Cowart 111x150 Nics Top Ten Photos from PurePhoto

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  • FairyTaleLover

    I like Hospital Ward II most, it is so unreal, scary and beautiful at the same time…

    Photos, especially printed on special materials in limited and numbered editions can really become nice investment. They are much more affordable than oil paintings for instance and easier to maintain too. All the best with your blog!

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  • SmithKlein Gallery

    The images you chose are very interesting. I have always been a fan of Robert Doisneau, but this post is definitely opening up my mind to photography outside of the traditional black and white style.

  • Info

    great collection and input.

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