I have been keeping you all in suspense for quite a while in relation to the big new project I have been working on over the last year. Finally I can announce the details of the project which you can see below:

niclogo Web Based Fine and Decorative Arts Personal Shopper Service Goes Live at NicForrest.com
Nic Forrest – nicforrest.com

For Immediate Release

Web-Based Fine and Decorative Arts Personal Shopper Service Goes Live at NicForrest.com

Sourcing Items of Fine and Decorative Art Made Easy with Launch of Innovative Global Online Personal Shopper Service for Discerning Interior Decorators

London, November 6, 2009 — NicForrest.com is the home of a new global web-based fine and decorative arts personal shopper service that provides discerning interior decorators and designers with a simple and effective solution to the difficulties associated with sourcing specific items of fine and decorative art.  The often frustrating task of locating hard-to-find interior pieces can now become an enjoyable experience, with access to the expertise and extensive global network of Nicholas Forrest — a Sydney and London based broker of fine objects, interior style consultant and world renowned art adviser/art critic — now one click away.

Nic adds: “By launching NicForrest.com I am able to offer personal one-on-one assistance to anyone, anywhere in the world who wishes to be united with those special objects that transform interior spaces into special places.  From interior designers who require a collection of fine objects to decorate a large commercial space, to discerning private clients who are searching for one or more special items to enhance a living space, NicForrest.com can cater to the needs of clients at all levels.”

As well as sourcing fine objects, Nic also offers several other services via NicForrest.com.  The range of services Nic provides includes:

-  Sourcing and purchasing specific fine objects (fine art, antiques, objects of design, objets d’art etc.) for residential and commercial clients

-  Arranging worldwide transportation and installation of objects purchased

-  Interior styling advice for clients who have a vision and a budget but do not have specific objects in mind

-  Advice on the acquisition of works of art/antiques/objets d’art for private and corporate collections as well as for investment purposes

Whether it is an antique or a piece of contemporary design that someone is searching for , NicForrest.com combines the services of a personal shopper with the knowledge and contacts of a professional broker of fine objects to provide an unrivalled service.  Nic explains:  “Because of the experience, knowledge and contacts I have acquired, and my standing in the art and antiques industry, I have the privilege of being in a position that enables me to utilise a global network of dealers, collectors, retailers and wholesalers to quickly locate the particular object/s that clients have been searching for at the best price.”

For further information, please contact:
Nic Forrest

Owner, NicForrest.com
Tel:  0787 869 7651 (UK)

Tel: +44 (0)787 869 7651 (INTL.)
Email:  nic@nicforrest.com
Site:  http://www.nicforrest.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasforrest


About Nic:

Nic Forrest is a Sydney/London based professional broker of fine objects, interior style consultant and art adviser.  As well as being the founder and author of artmarketblog.com, Nic has been published in many magazines and newspapers and has appeared on several radio programs (national and international) as an art market expert.  He has also been invited to be a guest lecturer at the Sotheby’s institute in Singapore for their MA Art Business program.

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  • http://sollang.com Sol Lang

    Much needed service. Congratulations and much success!!!

  • http://axel7.com Axel Sutinen

    Congrats and good luck on your new venture. We are two artists who are doing something very similiar, we paint, make and collect ” out of the ordinary” things for people who want them. I have previously worked for Robert Kime on specialist projects for royalty etc.
    We can provide that which is difficult to find. We have extensive experience in set-designing, special effects and working with big projects where reliability and efficiency are important.
    Right at this moment we are producing a mantelpiece with moulds taken from the Alhambra Palace in Spain.
    Prices for our services are negotiated each time before commencing a project. We have a blog with more information, cv´s & pictures if you have time to check it out at;


    Yours, Axel Sutinen & Petri Salo

    ps. have paintings on saatchi-online gallery and our own sites ; petrisalo.com Axe7.com

  • http://edwardpilliang.wordpress.com/ edo pillu indonesia

    sucsess …..congratulations …….

  • http://www.paintschool.co.uk paint school

    Best of luck with the new venture !

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