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 Do Ho Suh at SculptureCenter

SculptureCenter Home Exhibitions Events Visit Join About Press Store Limited Editions Bookstore Event Tickets Search All content © SculptureCenter. All rights reserved. Limited Editions Do-Ho Suh Doorknob/Bathroom, 2003 Polyester fabric, lithograph on paper in acrylic box 12" x 18" x 7 3/4" Edition of 20 with 3 artist proofs $4,500.00

A new auction record was set for a limited edition work by the popular Korean artist Do Ho Suh at Philips De Pury’s June 2nd Editions sale where one of the artist’s limited edition lithographs, “Untitled, 1998″, sold for $7,500 against an estimate of $2000 – $3000. A far more interesting limited edition work by Do Ho Suh titled “Doorknob/Bathroom is available from the New York based SculptureCentre for $4,500.00. An edition of 20 with 3 artists proofs, “Doorknob/Bathroom” is “a full-scale reproduction of the doorknob of the artist’s Chelsea apartment. Do-Ho Suh often works with semi-transparent fabrics that he delicately sews together to represent – and defy – existing and functional spaces and objects. Doorknob/Bathroom exists as an isolated architectural element, separated from Suh’s apartment and therefore abandons its ties with a specific place and becomes a loose abstraction with a new-found flexibility and transparency”

The popularity of Do-Ho Suh’s work and the inclusion of his work in the collections of the NY Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim Museum, and the LA Museum of Contemporary Art makes this limited edition a good investment.

To purchase or inquire about this SculptureCenter Limited Edition, please contact Mary Button at or 718-361-1750 x111

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  • Hans Bakker

    Please see the remarkable prices paid at Indian auctions at Sotheby’s. Follow the india art summit in new delhi this august 19-22. Quiet an art party!!

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