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 Social Networking for Art Collectors   artmarketblog.comSocial networks are all the rage at the moment so I thought that I would put together a list of the top ten social networks that would be of benefit to art collectors and art investors. Joining a social network gives you access to the knowledge of other art collectors and investors as well as the opportunity to view the work of artists from all over the world.  Below is a list of the top ten social networking sights that cater specifically to people interested in visual art.
myartspace is an online community with more than 50,000 artists, collectors, students, teachers, gallerists, curators, critics and art appreciators across the world. myartspace is free and open to all. Members can create a profile of themselves and upload an unlimited quantity of their work including images, music, audio narration and video. is an exciting new social networking site for the artworld, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate. is a unique blend of editorial and community content, combining the insight and critical weight of some of today’s most important artworld voices with the input and opinions of everyday enthusiasts from around the world.
#artmesh is an inspiring and innovative network for those who live and love the fine arts. The difference to other art communities is the fact that – additionally to just showcasing artist’s work – #artmesh focuses on the interests of art lovers and art professionals as well.#artmesh is about communication and collaboration, about inspiration and the exploration of the boundless possibilities of a progressive and innovative virtual art-network., the #1 contemporary art network, launched in Los Angeles in February, 2007. It is a sophisticated website that brings a local and in-depth focus to the contemporary art scene. ArtSlant’s profiles put the spotlight on everyone in the art community. Artists, art professionals, art orgs, and art lovers can have their own showcase to exhibit their work, expose their business or talk about their involvement in the scene. In our community you will also find picks and reviews, jobs and opportunities, schools, blogs, and groups.
Artlog is the place for you to connect with folks, share your work and discover innovative new art & design. Artlog is for art makers, insiders, organizations and art lovers. This global community of art lovers, artists and industry insiders is only as vibrant as you make it. So follow interesting artists, make professional connections, post your work and let your voice be heard – “If you see something, say something!
Independent Collectors is an online tool targeted at modern and inquisitive collectors. It makes building a personal network and sharing information about topics like artists, galleries or events much easier and faster. In their personal profiles, collectors can talk about art preferences and present their own collection. Specific search functions help to find like-minded collectors or those living in the same area.
The artselector contemporary fine art collective was originally set up by MA Fine Art graduates of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art. artselector offers an innovative visual directory of international contemporary fine artists, independent curators and galleries
Rhizome’s community includes thousands of artists, academics, curators, critics, and other new media art enthusiasts. Profiles is a collection of community profiles that contains artist portfolios, blogs, biographies, and other details on each individual member. Profiles was developed in the hope of sparking connections and collaborations across regional or cultural boundaries and strengthening the new media art scene as a whole.
We work with and for artists, arts and culture organisations and networks, cultural professionals and audiences in the 50 countries of Europe, as well as providing a platform for cultural cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world. Our mission is both to ensure that all those working on cultural collaboration have access to up-to-the-minute information and to encourage the cultural sector to become more experimental with online technologies.
ArtBistro brings members of the visual art community together to network, advance careers, and to foster a community with exclusive benefits where information about artists and designers is provided by artists and designers.

 Social Networking for Art Collectors**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of http://www.artmarketblog.comt Social Networking for Art Collectors, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  • currentartevents

    Thanks for all of the art collecting tips! Here is a nice resource that provides some background on some well-known art collectors.

  • K. Henderson

    THANKS! I was looking for that very information a few days ago. I’ll check out these sites

  • Matt Holton

    Thanks for this informative post. I will be sure to check out some of these sites. Aloha from Maui.

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  • Peter

    How could you miss the two biggest arts sites on the Internet: Deviant Art and RedBubble.

  • andy has the most comprehensive list of independent artists online.

  • Sarah

    Is there anyone who would like to purchase a Rod Palmer print of Peaceful Stream which is identical to one he called Winding Creek? Also, could anyone give me names of websites or literature that shows Rod Palmer’s (Augustus Albo’s) art? Thank you!

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  • David Rosenzweig

    Thank you so much for the great article. It can be difficult to weed through all the other social networking sites to connect with art collectors and artists. Even in tight economic times people who love art can still find lasting value in collecting.

  • Leslie Brown

    Hi Nicholas can I get a link here mate. and I am looking for a manager two look after me.

  • Josh

    Yes these sites are good there is a new one very nice

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    • Marilyn Cates

      I work in a small gallery,selling handmade sculptures. Please check out the web site ,tell me what you think.

  • Allen Rodi

    Thanks for taking the perspective of the art collector where social networking is concerned. It’s an overlooked area and you touched on it very nicely. I’m interested in learning how to cultivate a collector base for events that I curate. I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have.

  • Abstract Art

    Thanks a lot for this list and brief review of art sites.

  • Abstract Art

    Thanks for this list and brief reviews of the art sites.

  • Deacon

    This is a great list. I started looking for the prominent social networking sites for art and artists, this post help s a lot.

  • Christine

    Hello all, I am currently working on a series about pop culture, mainstream America and marketing. I decided to work on a piece a day for one year and promote it on ebay (the perfect website for this series). You can take a look at what I have up so far (I have been doing this for 10 days at this point).

    Thank you
    Christine Lee Tyler

  • Julian Lee

    Julian Lee is an emerging German-based, British Artist. Looking for contact with Curators and Collectors.

    Regularly Exhibiting internationally in New York, London, Miami, and Berlin amongst others.


    Great blog. Very informative and knowledgable.
    Thanks for your input, am a budding art collector and enthusiast.

    Nigel Thomas

  • Gayle Faucette Wisbon

    Thanks for this information. A couple of them I am familiar with, but most of them I hadn’t heard of.

  • Angela Burman

    Great Blog. Shall pass on to my Linkedin network and Twitter

    Thank youi

  • Ginna Digilio

    Hi to all , come vist our Gallery !!!!

    While Rogelio is self taught he is also quite art literate, and has acknowledged influences as diverse as Jean Michel Basquiat and Alejandro Colunga to Jackson Pollack and Cy Twombly, among others.
    His work would have to be considered a hybrid, combining elemets of “outsider art”, magical realism, and expressionism with the freshness and spontaneity of a child´s painting.
    He is a rising star with great chances to mature into being one of México´s leading artists. His work has been in successful exhibitions in Santa Fe, New México; SF, California; Washington, Connecticut; Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and Saranac Lake, NY, as well as throughout México. His collectors range from museum curators and art dialers to rock and roll stars and even a former astronaut .

  • Witte

    An accomplished British artist is looking for an art rep. Please use the website to contact him.

    • Mike

      Great site.

  • Nature Photography

    I’m looking forward in visiting your art gallery.

  • dave

    I have an original oil painting by Vasselli. Ship at sea.
    Anyone interested?

  • mullerjeanfrancois

    I am an artist who works in many different types of media; oil, acrylic, abstract paintings on canvas,

  • Roberta

    A great collection of sites. Just the resource I’ve been looking for! Thanks for posting them.

  • Mark Busacca

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    We are committed to the highest hand-picked standards of quality and personal service. As much of our business is custom or special order, if you don’t see it just ask. We are the first worlds all encompassing and curated art gallery, all within a safe secure no cost system consignment posting platform.

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    • Patrick Gildea

      e-mail me your mailing address.Pat Gildea

  • ArtcollectorII

    Thank you for this great collection of sites. Very helpful as always. Another site to recommend is I like it as everyday there is a random selection of artworks from other collectors, members profile, artist video, and art events. Collectors will also appreciate to stay anonymous as only a valid e-mail is needed. The site is only a few months old but already counts hundreds of members and thousands of visits per month. Check it out if interested!

  • Anya

    Hi there Nicholas! Also from my side thanks for the great list. Would there be additional sites you would add to the list in the meantime considering your original post is a year old?
    Best from Germany, Anya

  • David Estes

    Hello All! Thanks for all the wonderful information provided. Please visit our gallery!!! We have an upcoming world premier documentary on the life and works of “Frederick Hart”. For more information or if you wish to attend send an email to

    Cheers all!

    David Estes
    P&C Fine Art Gallery
    Washington D.C.

  • Cynthia Ligeros, Artist

    Very informative! Thanks for the list of sites. I will check them out.

  • Patrick Gildea

    Nick,please connect me with the art collectors.I recently had a article written in many newspapers.Its subject was how to resolve this economic situation.I have been on wall street for 28 years.I had many conversations with the federal goverment .I will use most of money raised by selling those paintings.To create many companies to create many jobs.I had a good conversation with Joe Biden.Also Paul Kanjorski.I gave them many ideas how to get our country out of this situation.I would deeply appreciate it if you would sell these paintings.Thank-you Pat Gildea.

    • Mike

      Great work, do it, if you ever need a link I will give you.

      • Patrick Gildea

        Mile e-mail me any questions to connect with your link.Pat Gildea

  • Dagger Room


    You have a really nice art blog here. We just started an art social network… maybe you can check it out if you get a chance.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Dagger Room


    You have a really nice art blog here. We just started an art social network… maybe you can check it out if you get a chance.

    Keep up the great work!

  • louis donfack

    good day.
    i am an arts collector.specialised in the collection of arts works from african prisons. i am based in cameroon douala.

    i will want to join the rest of the arts collectors familly worldwide.
    please help me sent thier contact mail to me.

    thanks in advanced.

    louis cameroon

  • Paul

    This is a nice list…. thanks for that. Also another online art community that just started up is Dagger Room. Check it out if you get a chance.

  • Søren brun

    Der er på dette tidspunkt et unikt billede af Gudmund Hentze der har gået i arv i flere generationer og nu først er til salg og ser dagens lys.

    Se nedenstående link

  • Mike

    Hi I am giving away free links on my site and looking for investors and a buyer for $1000.000 art work. This is a great site here.


    Hi to all, please come and visit our website !!!!!


    Cui Ning is a remarkable man and his paintings are a triumph of pure technical skill, showcasing his spirit and determination. Durings Ning’s study at Rhodes University he had completed 100 oil paintings and over 500 sketches in South Africa which earned him wide critical acclaim from art and media circles …attracted extensive coverage and recognition for winning the 1995 Rhodes University Rowny Prize and received high praise for his sketches for Nelson Mandela’s visit to Grahamstown.

    It was while he was at Rhodes after reading Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, that Cui Ning got inspired to begin working on the 16-piece, 20 metre-wide epic painting of the Rivonia Trial.

  • Nathalie Haveman

    Open Art Collection is a Unique (we have done our research) international social fine
    art related network site – Aiming at fine art lovers, fine art collectors, professional artists, musea & Galleries Staff and professionals.
    The site will go LIVE on Sept 1, 2010.
    Do you wish to participate on the site before August 24th?
    The First group of participants will receive a one year free Premium membership ($239 retail value) to the site.
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  • Fimo

    Delightful collection of Social sites!

    I have heard of a few previously but this list far outways the sites that I knew of – many thanks

  • g.hussain

    hello sir. sir i want show my work .

  • Aboriginal Art

    Very nice collection of art collector’s website with brief descriptions, DACOU provides artists with the highest quality canvas, paints, oils and brushes ensuring the longevity of each piece of work and where possible images of works in progress are captured and available for viewing.

  • James Day

    Very nice work Nicholas! Let me know if you’d like to cross promote or like me to post a guest article of yours on my site/blog Cheers! ~ James

  • Randy Erwin

    have some precious prehistoric mayan artworks for sale. Original and asking top dollar if interested send me an email to…only serious enquiries.

  • Patrick Gildea

    Nick when are you going to post those pictures of Shozo Naganos art work.You have a fantastic web site

  • Sean Needles

    Hi there, this is Sean Needles & Lisa Ganz of Twins Talent. We are currently casting a new TV show looking to help families appraise their items for free while they share their sentimental stories, history, & distribution of these items. We wanted to spread the word to you. Maybe you personally know someone who would be interested or maybe you could help spread the word to your many visitors. Any help would be appreciated and we would love to hear if you knew someone interested! I would also love to post a thread about the casting in the forum if I could.

    Thank you in advance for any help
    The casting info is below,

    Sean Needles & Lisa Ganz

    You can live ANYWHERE in the country!

    If interested in this casting, please email the casting director, Lisa Ganz, directly:

    The Emmy Award winning Production Company behind The Rachel Zoe Project, LA Ink, Storm Chasers & more, is casting REAL PEOPLE for a show dealing with family appraisals for a Major Cable Network.


    LOOKING FOR PEOPLE/FAMILIES with SENTIMENTAL ITEMS/COLLECTIONS that they would like to have APPRAISED for their future WILL (Don’t know the value of)
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    Sean Needles & Lisa Ganz

  • Delfa

    Please display our “breast cancer awareness” photo as wallpaper on your computer, phone, facebook, twitter, etc. for at least one day during October to show your support for the cause.

    This is an artistic photo taken by professional photographer, Tiffany Ann for our website:

    Please visit us and forward this email to everyone you know so that we can find a cure to breast cancer.

    Thank you!

  • CT Quality Antique

    Check Out some great art and other items available

  • Sarah James

    I sure like the collections of online art communities that you have put together. Well done! My favorite is If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. It’s free for all artists, galleries, art agents etc

    It is a new site and already has over 1300 members and 30,000 pieces of artwork. Pretty cool!

  • Fernando Ocampo Sandy

    I feel it great to have the opportunity of displayng my art here, hope it’s ok.
    Check out more about me in

    Best regards

    Fernando Ocampo Sandy

  • Anthony

    Can i please use that gold people in a circle picture for my coursework?


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  • Safa Bute

    It is a nice site. I am an artist. I was looking for the art collectors, found your site. I like it. I hope to get in touch allways. Best wishes…

  • julio

    Hi all I am new here. I am an emerging artist. I want to connect with collectors and open to the art market. Anybody here who is familiar to that please contact me at
    Here you can see some of my art works

    Thank you!!!

  • Jaclyn

    I have Joseph Katz and His Coat Of Many Colors from the Dr.Seuss private Collection and Im looking to Sell. Contact if Interested 919-606-4548

  • Vipul Gaur

    Check out this latest Online Art Gallery especially Indian Contemporary Art.

  • William Duncan

    Thanks for a great blog.The list you made is brilliant.

  • Artztetix

    Great article!!! Check out this new social network for artist. You can build your own art galleries, start your own blogs and more…

    Express Create Collaborate @

  • Kat


    Thank you for such informative blog! We are looking for collectors anywhere in the world. Enjoy the art! www[dot]artrevstudios[dot]com


  • Nadine Jeanneton

    Thanks for all information. Article is great!
    Nadine Jeanneton

  • Donna Napier

    I have several old paintings and I am trying to find a collector who can tell me bout them and what they may be worth or how to go about selling them. I have a what looks to be hand painted lady of the castle, as well as what looks to be a original little boy blue painting. If you have any information that may help me please email me at
    I will upload picturesfor you and I appreciate your help…Thank you Donna Napier

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  • Stacey

    Have you reviewed any blogs that deal with primitive/tribal/ancient art?

    Tribal Art Hunter

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  • Bleuberri

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many social networking sites for artists! This will be great for getting my art out there, thank you for you hard work and diligence in posting!

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  • Mark Nesmith

    Social networking is the buzz word these days for all of us. As an artist I’ve found Facebook and Flickr to be invaluable for making connections with patrons, and as a lover of art it’s allowed me to find new artists to follow and collect myself. The only problem with the social media sites is that there’s just so much information out there it can be hard to wade through it all and stand apart from the crowd. I’ll be using the links you mentioned to try to find better ways to reach viewers.

    Mark Nesmith

  • firman alamsyah

    Hello everybody…. to art collector, my uncle want to sell his sclupture collection , made the famous artis from bali I nyoman Tjokot….you can contact me in my facebook…thanks

  • Therese Leger is an upcoming social network for artists and collectors to connect with each other. FuseTrade will soon be compiling all the most compelling artist profiles/portfolios and curating a list for collectors to to discover some pretty amazing and well respected artists. Collectors will have the opportunity to review profiles and artwork from these artists and take a more in depth look at who the artist is as a person and as an artist. Check it out. :)

  • http://yahooemail ricky lee willis

    i have some art to sell that i thought i could share with the world it you are interested contacted me on this tell no: 07510540141

  • Rosella

    Selling my Great Aunt’s oil painting with her genealogy and these links are helping. I am asking $833,000 for her well known picture of La Push Washington. Genealogy shows relationships to Lady Godiva and Actress Lucille Ball. Please send collector’s my way to buy.

  • Amanda Houchen

    Thanks for these. A couple of other ones worth looking at with good quality art are and


    I have a rare irish painting that i would like to sell.
    The painting is from the Artist William Kelly Regarding the Troubles in Northen Ireland Derry.William Kelly also known as the Bogside Artists.If any one can point me to a good place to value and sell this large painting?

  • Barrows

    Give Art for Valentine’s Day…Here’s a great gift idea…for him or her….It’s a piece of sculpture called “Toujours L’amour” by Robert Barrows. Here is a link to the piece:

    “No art collection is complete without a piece called “Toujours L’amour.” It’s a very unique conversation piece.

  • Info

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  • Nazilapace

    I have Chuck Jones art and want to know how to get it appraised and if anyone out there has any interest on Chuck Jones’s art work and his signature.

  • Coloradonova1976

    There are some beautiful photos for sale here check it out, I loved them so much I thought I would share

  • Alexandre Descargues

    Light installati​on by Alina Szapocznik​ow for sale in Helsinki on monday

    Thought you might be interested :

  • Art

    I like to showcase my art and love to welcome more art collector followers. Comment, share and like:

  • Acrylic sweetheart

    Hello artists and lovers of art. I am an artist and would love for you to come and visit my website as well as my Facebook page Thank you.

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