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 Selling High End Art Online   artmarketblog.comThere are many different websites where one can buy and sell art but most of those websites are for artists to sell their work directly to the public. What if you want to sell a valuable and prized work from your collection?. Are there websites that cater to the secondary market?. The answer to both questions is definitely, yes. When selling a valuable work of art on the secondary market the first thing that would pop into most people’s heads would be one of the major art auction houses. Of course, the big art auction houses are extremely good at what they do but if you feel that the work of art you want to sell would benefit from being exposed to a much wider audience, or you would like a more flexible selling option, then there are several online alternatives. The sites that I have chosen represent the very best of the secondary market online art brokers. There are several less prestigious alternatives but when it comes to selling a valuable work of art you will want to make sure you have the right people for the job. It might not seem like a big deal but displaying your work of art for sale through an online broker with a bad reputation could not only result in your work not selling but could also mean that your work will continue to be associated with that dodgy dealer for years to come. Therefore, if you are wanting to sell a valuable work of art on the secondary market I suggest you use one of the sites that I have listed below or do plenty of research before using another site.

ArtCycle is a new online art broker that not only provide a place to sell you art but act as the agent for the whole transaction. One of the great things about ArtCycle is that there is no cost to you if ArtCycle do not sell the artwork. According to their website:

“As a consignment service, we offer a unique environment for art collectors to buy and sell work in a way that is personally and financially rewarding. We are not an auction house nor are we a traditional gallery. We are collectors, like you, who bring years of expertise coupled with a fresh take on how art should be purchased.”

ArtCycle is a very attractive option for those wishing to sell higher end works of art but don’t want to take the traditional art auction house route.

Artnet are one of the world’s top online destinations for pretty much anything to do with buying and selling fine art. As well as a price database, online magazine, videos, event listings and more, Artnet also conduct online auctions. Artnet online auctions are only for serious collectors as you have to apply to become a seller on artnet. After your application is reviewed by artnet, you will, if approved, be offered the opportunity to sell via artnet Online Auctions. The vetting process ensures that the quality of work auctioned via artnet remains high and that the sellers are reputable.

Artquid are another relative newcomer to the online art broking world who have proven themselves to be worthy of inclusion in this list. According to their website:

“ArtQuid is a global marketplace for Art and Antiques, where professionals (Art dealers, Art galleries, Artists) and individuals (Collectors) from around the world can create their own online Private Gallery so that interested buyers can browse and purchase any items they want directly from any location.”

A very professional site combined with very low fees starting at 9.95 euro makes artquid well worth considering. Because the site is relatively new I would suggest using artquid in conjunction with another more established site such as

If you have anything to do with fine art you will undoubtedly have heard of artprice, the world’s most popular database of art auction results. As well as the price database, also has an online classified section where you can advertise works of art, antiques and design that you want to sale. The great thing about the classifieds is that when you search the price database for a particular artist you also a list of the works by that artist which are advertised for sale in the classified section. This means that every time someone searches for information on the artist who created the work you are selling, the item you have for sale will

AskART are a very well known and well established site that is primarily an online database that contains information and price data on over 155,000 artists. As well as providing information on artists, also provide a marketplace section where anyone can advertise a work of art that they want to sell.

According to their website, the benefits of using AskART are:

• Your ads go live on AskART immediately, giving you exposure to our over 70,000 daily visitors.

• Ad notification is automatically sent to all collectors in our database who have registered an interest in your artist.

• They offer low fees and easy administration

• Buyers contact you directly – AskART collects no other fees or commissions.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post there are many more websites that allow people to sell art online but many of them are far from adequate for those looking for a secure and reputable broker with a proven track record. The sites I have listed above are by far the best of the online art brokers and offer superior service plus a greater chance of a successful sale.

 Selling High End Art Online**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of http://www.artmarketblog.comt Selling High End Art Online, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  • Spark

    You have an excellent variety of blog posts, always a good read :)

    Keep up the good work!

  • ashvini vidhate

    dear sir
    i am a painter,i would like to give my painting on your website ,if u intrested to see my work ,i will send it
    ashvini (bhopal) INDIA

  • Fine Estate

    The resources above are great, and as research tools they are indispensable to professionals and even for serious collectors.

    …and I think your post is geared to these two groups especially…

    When it comes to the average person who has a piece of art they wish to sell, I still firmly believe that they should contact a competent professional – someone who understands the big picture. Someone like you or me…

    I always wonder how much valuable art is being sold too cheaply through second tier auction houses, and then re-offered for sale at one of the big auction houses.

    My company examines an art piece from the following perspectives.


    After carefully evaluating the piece of art from these as well as other criteria, we then form a plan for how to sell the piece in question.

    The market that we find ourselves in, makes a careful analysis of each pieces of art that we bring to market even more necessary than in the past….

    For art to generate the highest income, it must be matched to the proper venue.

    This is always easier for the professional using resources like those you suggest above, plus others, than by those who lack the experience to understand and interpret the data they’ll find there.

    Your site is a wonderful example of a place where someone who is not themselves a professional can gain through careful reading many of the insights they’ll need to make better decisions…

    Martin Codina

    • APCO


      I have large artworks of Hernando Ruiz Ocampo of the Philippines. I hope you can help me sell it to the right buyers. The pieces are original and authentic with COA from daughter of the late artist. Hope you can help. Thanks a million.

  • ultramods

    Thanks for a great read..A lot of good advice

    • artforprofits

      Thanks for the comment and for visiting the site

  • chris guillochon

    A very interesting article; I know about artnet and artprice but had not heard of the others

  • steven

    I am suddenly awared that we should already noticed the demand of the art holders who want to show and sell their art online. it’s a stupid mistake, for 3 years !!

  • Alan

    Great post

    As a new comer to the online art market I find this post very valuable. Obviously I want to become one of the most prestigious websites for my target market in Australia so I want to find out how have these websites been able to do this? Is it the art galleries linked to these websites or is it the artists?

    I am very interested in the subject of art sales online and keen on everyones experiences and opinions on this.

  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Hi there, thanks for the informative post. You have provided some valuble information and resource, checked out all the links and found them to be very useful.

  • Rudolph van Valkenburg

    Hi everyone,
    I’m happy to announce you that ArtQuid is growing faster than ever!

    => More than 200,000 visitors per month (+20% growth per month)
    => More than 60,000 works online (+25% growth per month)

    For more info:

    And there is still a lot more to come in 2010… keep posted :)
    Thanks to Nicholas for his great Art Market Blog!!
    Feel free to contact me anytime.

  • Rick Nilson

    I host a painting workshop in my studio and we discussed this post. I put a link to this post on my blog. Thank you. Good stuff here.

  • Marty Siegel

    I own an original Alexander Archipenko sculpture that has been appraised at $40,000. Title :Floating torso with head” I would like to sell it.

  • Sell Art

    Great resource for online art brokers! Selling art online, like anything I suppose, is fraught with danger in terms of false promises and fake profiles. Your list of resources should help artists to avoid a number of deep and damaging pitfalls.

  • Fraz

    Found out about MyArtSpace last week and read this What do you think? Should artists consider the type of work on a site before uploading? The actual site is if you want to check it out. Looks like they are going to exhibit at SCOPE this year.

  • fineArt

    Your site is really helpful for many artists who want to share their art with others. We all should thank you for lots of good advices.


    A True Reference for the Art World!

  • tony

    I have had bad experiences with artnet online auction. They really dont vet the sellers that well. I recently bought a print t hat was misrepresented on artnet by a non-reputable seller. They advertised a print based on a postcard image. It took quite a while to get the seller to ship the print after wire payment. When I finally received the picture I realized he sold me a different print.Trying to get my money back has been nothing but a hassle and artnet has not been very supportive.

  • joe

    I have used myartbroker in the UK and have had very good results, I sold a Rolf Harris original through them and also have bought a number of Banksy limited edition prints from the company. The whole process was very easy and I got a very good price both on the art I sold and the art I bought

  • Bali Artspace

    its good articles.

  • Maryjane Faatz

    wanting to sell a Charles Levier oil painting.
    painting is the “Arlequin Vert”

  • Tyrone Worthley


  • Tyrone Worthley

    Hi, my father in 1990 – 1991 spent 2 years on a sculpture in Oahu, HI.  It was suggested by people in the art industry including Wyland that he ask no less then $250,000 however my father is a artist not a business man.  I would like very much to help him market this piece but also don’t know where to begin.  The sculpture has been on “free” display in one of the Pacific Towers in Oahu during this time.  It was considered by a couple different estates for that price through the years but yet we still need to find a buyer.  I’m open for suggestions, thank you

  • Lilygavin63

    i have a very rare old William Blake print from London its God judging Adam.a deceased family member was disowned from his famous family.he was known for rare art collection and a friend of grace Kelly’s family and vivica fox who dad was Creator of fox television. he went to west point and was known to be friends with general wesmorland he also was a genius self taught engineer. he would do work for royalty in countries. he traded his work for art,coins, anything he could get out of the country after ww 2.when the IRS caught up with him he settled with them for a million cash.he also got tipped they were comming to sieze anything of value he owned so he gave some items to his daughter my aunt. so there a old ugly 100 year old frame sat in her attic because it looked to have nothing in it and look like junk.she didn’t know why he gave her this as well.I liked had carector so she gave it to me 20 years ago. well last year I went to put a painting I painted inside it.when I was taking the wood off the back I saw it was 2 pieces of wood with a strange print inside.the print was creased at the white parts above and below the picture itself so that needs restoration. I recently contacted a few appraisers and auction places where the man I showed it to said oh its a print not worth much ill give you 400 dollars. something told me to not sell it to him.I said no he offered 4 more times.I said if its not worth much why is are u offering me now 4 grand and being persistant.he said he personally liked it and wanted to help me out.I’m 34. recently divorced. I. have 2 young kids and 1 in college .I can’t even help her through vehicle is in need of allot of work and I wanted to go back to school so I could give my kids a better being laid off no decent income and struggling like you wouldn’t believe.I sold my family heirloom jewlery so I could get my oldest in school and a car.Im in desperation so I knew the print paper was old and thick.I never seen paper on a print like this before and thought my grandad who once was worth millions this was purposely hidden for a reason maybe just maybe this could help us and get me into school that’s all I would need. I was going to give him it for the amount he offered and I drove home upset that I wasn’t sure if I made the right I’m driving with this ugly dark print I wanted to turn around and take that money for ashley to at least help her with books ect.when he said last final offer and if I left he wont offer me it again.I was almost home when my phone rang and it was the auction appraiser offering me 2 g more. I knew I must have something here.well I sent photos of every aspect to a NY appraiser who worked on museam restoration Earl like picoso and Monet paintings she wanted me to sign a contract with her and insurance appraise it for me that get is sold at an auction.apparently only a few prints were made in London way back and I have one and only a few are known that private collectors have.I was in shock.then she began to tell me the cost of her services and I cannot afford it.I don’t even have a couple hundred to pull from let alone pay the fee to get started.please does anyone know what options I have.I also found 7 normal Rockwell smaller prints that look like they were apart of some kind of book and these are worth allot as well.I’d like them to stay together if I can.its very sad the first Guy who knew what dire straits I was in tried to take advantage of me.I’m glad I didn’t give in over desperation.please anyone who knows how I can get these prints in a decent auction that’s going to help me and my children I don’t know anything about fine art or the process.what I do know someone would love this for there collection but I cannot afford a appraiser or attorney. I need just 1 kind person who wants to really help me and my family.I already sold my jewlery I wish I had never done.but I’m on borrowed time and can’t pay my bills let alone anything for these email is

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