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A buyers market is imminent so start browsing now and be ready for plenty of bargains.


Heritage Auction Galleries

Saffron Art

Ebay Live Auctions

Artnet Online Auctions

Heffel Online Auctions

 Top Online Art Auction Sites**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of http://www.artmarketblog.comt Top Online Art Auction Sites, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  • Jim Halperin

    Heritage Auction Galleries web site is (not Thanks.


    http://WWW.OVERNIGHTAUCTIONS.COM we are a real ebay alternative auction site if you are sick of the high fees others charge to sell your items then join our family today no listing fees free stores for all members and the lowest final value fees on the net!!!!!!!! join us or

  • Art Under the Hammer

    buy and sell art online, all are welcome, membership is free, there are no charges for standard listings, and only 1.5% of the sale value, members from all over the world, and artists get a free feature write up with links to their own websites.

    Come and join us….

  • luc

    This must be a joke.
    Top online Art auctions???

    Summery of what I found 26 paintings 50 paintings (including lots of fake) ? only Indian (some paintings not much)
    Artnet is a beta test 3 pieces of art

    I seriously have more paintings in my living room then all these top online auctions together…

    Not including eBay of course, but I was just looking for an alternative for that one:)

    • Erin

      Can you recommend online art auctions?

    • james robinson

      people if you are looking for quality original art to buy. or to sell your own pieces please contact me on . goes live in august 2011 selling art from art students, amateur artists, professional artists, schools and colleges. It is like E-bay in functionality. I’m the director so please feel free to contact me

  • ElizabethBelhadj

    Thanks nick, it all helps!

  • Ste-V

    Did you read about and the ecommerce site they launched? It is called the New York Art Exchange and members of Myartspace can put a flat fee on their work or sell it in auction format. The site is

  • Roberto

    Dear Nicholas Forrest,

    I can see that you have an interesting blog, I would like to know if it is possible for you to give me some advises about selling artworks online… If you are able to just give me some ideas, or maybe exchange some ideas with me, please, contact me at:

    Thank you very much!

    I will be waiting your message!

  • Emily

    Thanks for sharing. Online art galleries are good resources too! Online art communities/galleries are another great way to network, buy, and sell art online. I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of Masterpiece Solutions, the online art gallery, but it’s a comprehensive website where artists and galleries can sell their artwork. This multi-million dollar gallery is changing webpages from to, and with this site change comes with some handy new features, including:

    · Redesigned website
    · Enhanced consumer navigation
    · E-commerce and low-cost lead generation options for galleries
    · New social networking capabilities
    · Google Site Search
    · Comprehensive Integration with Art Gallery and Artist Management Software
    · Merchant Integration

    Hope this proves to be an additional resource for people in terms of promoting their artwork!


    Emily (Masterpiece Solutions)

  • Amanda Bidyes

    The sites are great. The art is just amazing.
    I really like the one blowing into the Gygantic Megaphone.

  • Cherelynn

    HI! I like your blog! So informative! Makes me want to spruce mine up.

    I write to ask help/opinion on how to sell these two prints I have. The ebay link is below: it and it’s twin didn’t sell the first time, I marked it down and now it’s still not selling! Help, please. Thanks.
    p.s. If you want beauty expertise…just ask!

  • Online Penny Auction


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  • Anonymous


    Another good one for both Art and Antiques is It has a huge listing of upcoming live auctions, artists, and past prices.

    Hope it helps!

  • Anonymous

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  • Alex

    Online art auctions are really playing a vital role in purchasing beautiful art work at very cheap rates and the second option is…

    Paintings by aboriginal artists- Barbara Weir, Gloria Petyarre, Minnie and Galya Pwerle, Susan and Annie Pitjara Hunter. Aboriginal Art Gallery of Utopia artists is owned and operated by Fred Torres. Our Aboriginal Art Gallery in Adelaide stocks an extensive selection of paintings ranging from the unique tourist gift to artworks of significant importance and collectible value.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful resources list.

  • kickupthearts

    In my view artnet is the only alternative to the major auction houses – which are of course now pretty much all online now… I say buy from the artist!

  • Philip Deetlefs


    A friend of mine have two Cornelius Bosch pantings. Still life 100cm x 140cm and a landscape 74cm x 89cm. Where is the best place to advertise them?

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  • Michael is moving up very nicely as an online auction and classifieds website. The fees are out of this world, while there are none. Its worth having a look at.

  • Katt Wilson

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  • Katt Wilson

    Vidabest is Best Online Lowest Unique Auctions Deal including live auctions ,Electronics, Mobile, Computers, jewellery and Home facilities. Check out the free and discount shopping bidding website at once.For more Details visit

  • timthaler

    What a great post, thanks a lot for the tips Nick. have also some contemporary art auctions online, also did some auctions in the past, but not sure if still.. Thanks again!

  • Mark Pazik

    New to online auctions and already viewed in 84 countries, not including 49 states in the USA and 8 in Canada. Take a look at

  • Chris all auctions in one place

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