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analyse Art Market Blog   What the Art Market NeedsWell, as I mentioned at the end of last year, I had some big projects planned for 2008 one of which is the Next Star Artist ( competition which I have just launched. After months and months of planning it feels fantastic to have the competition underway and to have received so much feedback in such a short time. I knew from the outset that an art competition based on the commercial side of art would be controversial but I also believe that the debates and arguments that the competition will encourage have the potential to be of great beneft to the art market. Not only do I see this competition as a great opportunity for artists but also as a platform and instigator for debate, discussion and analysis of commercial side of art.

There will be plenty of people who have negative opinions about the Next Star Artist competition just as there will be plenty of people who have a positive opinion of the competition and I want to hear everyone’s opinion whether good or bad. The aim of Next Star Artist is not just to make one artist famous but it is to use the current art market boom and the attention it is receiving to assist artists with their career and to encourage and educate those artists that are not in a position to faciliate their own commercial success.

As we all know the art market is currently experiencing growth and evolution at a rate never before seen, and to heights never before reached, which has taken the art world into unknown territory. I believe that in order for the art market to be sustainable and to continue growing and expandind an understanding of the way the art market is evolving and the impact on the people and the artworks involved is required. In order to achieve this understanding we need to analyse and discuss what is happening in the art market and the effect it is having on the art world and vice versa.

I would also like to this opportunity put out a call to anyone who would like to sponsor the Next Star Artist competition and provide prizes that would benefit an artist looking to gain exposure in exchange for being promoted as a sponsor of the Next Star Artist competition and appearing in associated advertisements and press releases. If you are interested in being a sponsor please contact me via my blog ( or email

 Art Market Blog   What the Art Market Needs**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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    Hi Nicholas,

    Looks like I’m too late for this…. I’m an American artist based in Paris. I’m also writing for Art & Antiques. I wonder if you can send me an e mail. I’m writing a piece on the Euro/Dollar and how the exchange rate is affecting contemporary art sales.


    Matthew Rose / Paris, France

  • Randall Klopping

    I think its a good concept and even though not participating I shall watch it with interest.

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