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gries Art Market Blog   Affordable and Collectible Artworks No. 5Digitally manipulated or enhanced images are becoming a more popular form of art with communities such as Renderosity, which is a huge online art community for artists of the visual mediums with special emphasis on computer-generated 3D graphics, proving testament to this. If you are thinking that it isn’t that hard to digitally manipulate a photograph then think again. Most of you have probably made your digital photos look better on your home computer using a photograph enhancing program but to create the sort of work images that professional digital artists produce takes huge amounts of skill, experience and talent.

There are two types of photographic image manipulation the first of which involves the use of more traditional techniques such as collage to alter an image or create a new image. The second type of photographic image manipulation uses digital technology to create an image that shows no signs of being altered and is made to look as real and as natural as possible. It is the digital manipulation of images that has really taken off and spawned this exciting art form.

One of the problems with digitally manipulated works is that there is a tendency for the artist to spend too much time with the special effects and not enough time and effort on creating a work of fine art which results in a work that is all show but lacks soul and
Another problem is the difficulty digital artists face in maintaining a balance that results in an image that seems plausible yet is altered in away that stretches the imagination and challenges the viewer which is why I was so excited to come across an artist who has achieved this balance.

This particular work is by the German photographer Gero Gries and is simply titled “Zoo” which leaves plenty to the imagination, just as the image it’s self does.
Gries is an extremely talented artist who has created an absolutely astonishing and mesmerizing work that is both visually spectacular and challenging. The interior design concept of bringing the outdoors indoors takes on a whole new meaning with this work which challenges our perceptions of space and the way we interact with our surroundings. Gries’ use of shadows, lighting, colours and reflections are masterful and highly effective which results in a realistic and natural looking image.

Gero Gries (born 1951) has worked with 3D renderings since the early 1990s and has made crucial contributions to shaping the technique of spatial rendering of two-dimensional objects. Gries’ fascination for the sheer, unlimited possibilities of digital photography can be seen in the painstakingly designed surfaces of his digitally drafted objects. Numerous scholarships, exhibits, and publications have accompanied his career up to today. It seems that Gries’ is not that well known outside of his native Germany but I hope that this will soon change because his work is absolutely fantastic.

Gries’ work “Zoo” which is an edition of 100 and can be purchased for $720 from Lumas Editions

 Art Market Blog   Affordable and Collectible Artworks No. 5**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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