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artmarketblog Art Market Blog   Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine InterviewI was recently interviewed by the Contemporary Art Gallery magazine which was a great honour and also really enjoyable. You can read the interview below or on the CAGZine website at

Contemporary Art has many voices on the blogosphere, the largest medium for discussion of the visual arts. Writers make interesting posts on numerous topics in the visual arts. One particularly interesting blog is written by Nicholas Forrest at

Nicholas Forrest is a young writer, gaining knowledge and experience quickly as a consultant and professional in the visual arts. He has some interesting viewpoints and opinion on the business of collecting art as an investment. I requested an interview with Nicholas.

How did you begin in the visual arts field? “I had an interest in antiques and art from a young age which led me to open a shop in an antique centre when I was twelve selling an array of different items that I had bought from fairs and charity shops which was great fun. When the antique centre closed I moved to selling antiques and art online which further enhanced my interest in the business side of art. When I finished school I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in the art world so I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and Criticism which fuelled my passion for art even further and paved the way for my career as a writer and art consultant.”

What would you say have been the key educational or experiential events in the development of your interest in the arts? “In my job I have been lucky enough to spend time with and get to know many amazing artists. This has allowed me to gain a different and valuable perspective on the art market that has given me a much greater appreciation and understanding of the often complex relationships between artists, collectors and dealers.”

Please tell us about your work with the Art Market Blog? “As an art consultant and art collector I have experienced the lack of information and guidance on art investment and the art market from both sides of the fence. This was so frustrating that I decided to share my experiences and the knowledge that I had gained with others. The purpose of the Art Market Blog – – is to demystify the art market and to provide clear and honest information on art as an investment.”

What other projects are you involved with? “I am also involved with visual arts copyright here in Australia and will be part of the team that will shortly be implementing resale royalties in Australia which will be a massive project. I am also currently writing a book which will change the way people view and approach art as an investment.”

Please tell us about any special areas of interest you have – what are your plans for the future in art? “My primary interest is in the art market and I plan to be more involved in the valuation and consultative side of things in the near future.”

What kinds of art do you prefer to support in your writings and recommendations? “As an art collector and investor I am always looking for those artists that produce work that I think will stand the test of time and are not merely taking advantage of a trend or fad. I see so many artworks that are empty and superficial so I get excited when I come across an artist that produces thought provoking, interesting and timeless works of art that leave an impression long after viewing the work.”

What contemporary artists do you most admire? “The contemporary artist that I most admire would have to be Cy Twombly because of his seemingly uninhibited approach to the creation of art and the intensity and energy he creates in his work.”

What was the most difficult project you’ve encountered? “The most difficult project I have been involved with has been the Art Market Blog mainly because of the huge amount of time and effort that it takes to run. I really enjoy running the Art Market Blog and it is very satisfying so it is well worth the time and effort.”

When do believe art approaches “important” or “high” art? “According to the 5th century Chinese art historian Xie He, the most important ingredients in a painting are spirit, vitality and energy which are transmitted from the artist to the work. I think that it is these aspects that differentiate a work of fine art from a merely decorative object.”

What resources can you recommend to artists and collectors? “I think that the best way to learn about art and the art market is to talk to artists and other collectors which is why I would recommend taking some of the art appreciation classes and seminars that are offered at many public galleries as well as through auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s. I would also recommend that anyone interested in the art market read publications such as ‘Art News,’ ‘The Art Newspaper’ and ‘Art and Auction’ which not only provide information on artists and the art market but also list the best upcoming exhibitions and auctions.”

What can contemporary art enthusiasts look forward to in the future? “I think that contemporary art enthusiasts can look forward to artists continuing to experiment with new mediums and the continued strengthening of the market for photography and video art.”

Thank you Nicholas Forrest for your views on art collecting and contemporary art investment. CAG wishes you success in your art consultant career and your blog writing as well as the writing of your book on art investment.

 Art Market Blog   Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine Interview**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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