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cash register Buying Affordable Art Online   Ten Awesome Online Art GalleriesGet those credit cards ready because you won’t be able to resist all the fantastic artworks available at the awesome online galleries below.
Newbloodart offers affordable, original artwork by artists who are currently studying or have recently graduated from art courses in the UK.
List of limited edition works available for purchase
The outstanding gallery for the most famous art, fashion and celebrity photographers.
AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA), a collaborative and independent not-for-profit organization, studies new treatments for HIV/AIDS and related diseases, and conducts a comprehensive HIV health literacy program. The artists listed on the website have donated artworks to help ACRIA raise funds for their important AIDS research and treatment education programs.

20×200 introduces two new pieces a week: one photo and one work on paper. Each image is available in three sizes.* The smallest size is reprinted in the largest batch – an edition of 200 – and sold at the lowest price – $20. Hence the name 20×200. (200×20 just didn’t sound as good.) We also offer bigger prints for bolder collectors – medium-sized editions of 20 for $200, and large-sized editions of 2 generally for $2000 (some of the large sized editions will actually be original pieces of art and prices will vary a bit). Every single print is delivered with a certificate of authenticity numbered by the artist.
The online saleroom for the Saatchi Gallery Website. The site takes no commission from artists and charges no commission to buyers. You simply buy the work you like directly from the artist, using Paypal or a suitable alternative payment method.
Creative Time presents the most innovative art in the public realm. From their base in New York, they work with artists who ignite the imagination and explore ideas that shape society. They initiate a dynamic conversation among artists, sites, and audiences, in projects that enliven public spaces with free and powerful expression.
Alex Farkas, Greg Rosborough, and Stephen Tanenbaum are the founders and managing partners of The three developed to provide art enthusiasts access to affordable original artwork while offering young trained artists a platform to launch their careers.
Counter Editions commissions and produces prints and multiples by leading contemporary artists. The editions are exclusive to Counter Editions and each is created in close collaboration with the artist. They are produced by leading printers such as Thumbprint Press, Coriander Studios and Goldenshot.
Since Hans Namuth produced his photographic portfolio edition for the organization in 1973, over fifty contemporary artists have generously donated editions for publication in support of Artists Space’s programs, including Richard Artschwager, John Baldessari, Ellen Gallagher, Sherrie Levine, Tom Otterness, Andres Serrano, Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson and Kiki Smith.

 Buying Affordable Art Online   Ten Awesome Online Art Galleries**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  • Ben Rowe

    Great post Nick.

    I’ve just found your blog today and am really enjoying it. I’ll be back

  • artforprofits

    Dear Ben,

    Thanks for the comment. I will check out your blog as well!!

    Nicholas Forrest

  • vuki

    Hi Nicholas – you have a very worthwhile blog – for artists like me looking for information and links this is where you will find it. Many thanks for your hard work!

  • artforprofits

    Dear Vuki,

    I am glad you like the blog, best wishes

    Nicholas Forrest

  • http://None Joan Arnold

    You should really look at It is a brilliant website because – you can browse through hundreds of pictures at your leisure without going to an art gallery – you can enlarge pictures to have a detailed look at colours, texture, brushwork and signatures – you can try out different mounts and frames on your chosen picture and even see what it looks like on a virtual wall the colour of your own. A great way to buy a picture! http://www.room4art is also a great way to give art as a present with vouchers. You don’t have to worry about choosing for someone else. I bought my nephew a voucher for his birthday – it really solved the problem of getting a present for a man and he will be able to choose a picture for himself. And I beat the postal strike by sending him the voucher in an email greeting! I will certainly give vouchers for Christmas presents. Visit – I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

  • artforprofits

    Thanks for posting the link Joan, looks like a great site

    nicholas forrest

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  • Phillip A Jones

    I want to bring Hand Tinting back in the main stream. Since we have our computers and high tech soft ware we fail to realize that computer generated imagery or photos are not the same as in the past. The reason is, that the computer lacks Zone “A” and Zone “B”. Its merely a copy. All computer generated photos or prints will oxidize or fade. The sole purpose of making Photographs are to record and document historical events. Archiving Photos that are computer generated defeats this goal. In museums you will only find Black and White Photos, they know that any other type of print won’t last long enough to achieve their objective.
    When we look back in the early 1800′s we see images that were produced that still exist today. What if our Great masters used pixels to record there Art. They would have never dreamed of wasting there time and effort to gain fame by employing methods other than the Classical techniques to create their Art. When history is written, those who have negatives and Hand developed Prints will have works of Arts that will be priceless.
    The Great masters such Van Goghs, Picasso’s, Rembrandts, Cezanne’s, Seraut’s, El greco,s, Constables, Botticellis, Angelico’s and Bounnarroti’s would not exist today as we know them if they had used digital assisted soft ware to create their works of Art. I have over 50,000 images and over 90,000 negatives that will be worth more than any digital print made today.
    Photo Art has been around in the main stream for quite some time. No one has change or improved on what George Eastman, Joeseph Niepce, Giovanni Battista, Thomas Wedgwood and Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre attempted . The computer can never allow any one the freedom that gives you the ability to capture an image as on sees it. Ansel Adams was the last person to that gave us a new set of rules and technique.
    I have develop a “2″ Zone that takes his ideas and the other great Photographers of the past and improve how we see and reproduce our Photos.
    Don’t miss out, if you can have the luck of buying a old Photo of the past, you will own tomorrows Picassos’ Van Goghs’ or even an Rembrandt.
    The only worth while investment in todays Art Market will be a Hand Tinted Photograph. The other Great works of Art merely exchange owners and becomes more expensive in the process.

  • Cecilia Veal

    Just found this piece on Moneyweek about investing in art

    Looks like is getting a good thumbs up all round…

  • artforprofits

    Thanks for the link Ceclia, great article
    Nicholas Forrest

  • Kavin Wark

    New since this posting:

    This is a new concept for affordable art, and the artist gets 90% of the sale price. Get great art and support the artists!

  • Donald Roller Wilson

    Great list, man! Thanks for the info. I had visited the Saatchi site before but found it a little confusing–I’m sure my brain will kick into full gear on this later.

  • artforprofits

    My pleasure Donald, I am currently writing a book on budget art investing which will include more great sites

    Nicholas Forrest

  • alex

    If you are looking for some affordable art. Check out

    you can contact artists directly there or buy through the MERCH section. Everything is paypal. Its easy and there is some really hip stuff there.

  • interactivearts

    Great article, thanks

  • Renee

    Great article… I think you’ll also find worthwhile to put on your radar. The site uses a “snowball” price model that’s never been applied to artwork before. Print #1 is $1, Print #2 is $2, and so on… A great way to own a limited edition print at a super affordable price!

  • BeчнaЯ

    Читал про это уже на каком то другом сайте, но у вас намного интересней написано ;)

  • Sofiya Ryan
  • Jon

    Another site for your list: – deal a day fine art photo prints for only $10.

  • Alex Cooke

    There are some great resources Online for purchasing Art and your blog is one of them, i’ll look forward to your regular updates….

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  • Meg

    Great article! It’s amazing how with the art market becoming digitized, everybody is able to see a purchase beautiful work at good prices. Recently I stumbled on this – any thoughts?

  • Art Teachers

    It is my 1st time I’ve visited your website. I observed a great deal of intriguing info within your website. In the tons of comments in your content articles, I guess I’m not the only 1! maintain up the wonderful operate.
    Online Art Galleries

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